Online Casinos vs Land-Based (And Why Online is Better)

Online Casinos vs Land-Based (And Why Online is Better)

Even a few short years ago, this argument would have been a lot closer. But in the 2020s, there’s no competition so far, really – online casinos offer a better overall experience than land-based ones.

Yes, they both have their merits. And drawbacks. But, in our opinion at least, it’s the online venues that have more potential and fewer negatives.

Casino Floors: Cool or Corny?

If you go to Vegas, or Macau, or Monaco, or maybe even Atlantic City or somewhere in London, UK – sure, you’ll find glitzy and glamorous gambling venues by the bucket load.

Massive halls with loads of games. Celebrity clientele. Lovely hosts in sophisticated outfits. Beautiful architecture. Fully stocked bars. The chatter of people and shouts of winners, and the sound of the latest innovative slots. Life!

We can’t tell you that a great land-based casino won’t have a great casino floor atmosphere to go with it.

However, if you live in rural New Zealand, Australia, or anywhere else in the world not too close to a major city? Your local casino probably isn’t that great!

Online Casinos vs Land-Based (And Why Online is Better)

Stale smoke. The same few dozen people, in and out every week. Terrible jackpots. The same tired machines from 2010. Staff that look like they can’t be bothered.

You know the deal. No offence to any small-town casino owners out there, but most of you are straight boring.

Unless you’re going to a real casino destination, or live near one, there’s definitely a better way.

Online Casinos: Play It Your Way

Online casinos are technically superior to land-based casinos. That’s because ground casinos are restricted by space and budget.

If you want 3000 slots at your land-based casino?

You better be willing to put up millions to build a hall big enough to fit them in. And then run the electricity and service them too. And provide facilities and sustenance to the people using the slots.

An online casino, on the other hand, doesn’t have to deal with any of that. You pay the developers for the games, put them on your website, and you’re good to go.

See what we mean?

This is why traditional retail is lagging behind the online market, and it’s the same with casinos.

Online casinos, like riverbelle casino website in canada here , offer a simpler and more convenient gambling experience for everyone.

The owners face less upfront costs when setting up, and you don’t have to travel 150 miles to the nearest proper casino – or deal with a budget local one!

Plus, even the best land-based casinos have problems, too. No one’s going to try and drunkenly talk to you, pickpocket you or scam you - if you’re sitting at home playing hands from your comfortable sofa!

We’re not saying that this happens at every land-based casino! However, you only have to look at the Las Vegas newspapers each week to see that even the most famous casinos do attract some questionable characters.

Live Casino (A Revolution)

Given all that, why would anyone go to a real-life casino? Well, as we said, the atmosphere can be, and often is, fantastic!

The old argument was that online casinos could never replicate that feel with virtual computer games. But, with the rise of one company called Evolution and their incredible live casino games – all of that changed!

You can now experience real, life live-streamed table games with real dealers and loads of people playing at once with a vibrant chat. 24/7, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. From loads of different companies now, too!

It’s literally a revolution, and if you haven’t tried live casino games yet – what are you doing? Go try them out now, and you’ll see why online casinos truly are the present and the future of gambling.

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