Understand everything about DMARC

Understand everything about DMARC

Whether you are a software engineer, business owner or anyone associated with email security, you might be quite familiar with the Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance (DMARC)  and its function in safeguarding email from numerous threats, spoofing spam, and phishing. Have you ever wondered what exactly DMARC is? How does it add a layer of security to your official email systems?

DMARC is a protocol that uses the DKIM (DomainKeys identified mail) and SPF (Sender Policy Framework) to determine the genuineness of the email. It also provides report facilities to the recipients if an email fails authentication. It assists the business by providing an additional shield that protects your email against attacks such as impersonation fraud, where an attacker or hacker uses the legitimate domain to send you the fraudulent emails.

So, let’s go thoroughly through the specifics of the DMARC.

History of the DMARC

In 2012, the DMARC was published to combating fraudulent and abuse email. It was created by the leaders of the leading industries such as google, PayPal, yahoo, and Microsoft. The core objective behind the development of the DMARC was to achieve the formal standards. They designed the DMARC standards on the principle of the email’s existing authentication process, i.e., SPF and DKIM. 

It was initially developed as the security protocol for email and adopted by the security experts of the industries related to finance. 

How does DMARC works?

DMARC is used with DKIM and SPF to determine the email’s authenticity. The DMARC of the sender instructs the recipient to reject, quarantine, or do nothing if the email is intended to be suspicious. For those who are not familiar, here is a quick overview of  working of DKIM and SPF:-

  • The domain admin installs the DMARC DNS in their DNS hosting company.
  • Whenever an email is sent by domain, the recipient server examines whether the DMARC record is available in the domain or not, then SPF and DKIM performs alignment and authentication test to verify the genuineness of the email.
  • With the results of the SPF and DKIM, the mail server applies the domain’s DMARC sending policy that says, ” whether to reject, ignore or quarantine the message when the email failed the DKIM or SPF test.
  • After determining the action to be taken on the message, a DMARC aggregate report on the outcome of the emails. These reports are sent to the email address in the DMARC record.

Why use DMARC for email?

In today’s world, all 90% of business communication takes place through email, due to which it has become the centre of attraction to hackers. It is difficult to determine whether an email is real or fake without DMARC. The DMARC permits the domain owner or admin to protect a domain from unauthorized use like CEO fraud, Business email compromise, fighting to phish, and spoofing.

Instead of filtering the malicious email, DMARC is used as an anti-spoofing system stem. DMARC works on the principle of the “filter in good” protocol instead of the “filter out bad” protocol. If you are worried about your domain’s health, you can choose Infosec Venture for a quick domain check. We will inspect DKIM, SPF, and DMARC and provide you with genuine feedback and complications.

What are the benefits of DMARC?

DMARC is an email technology used for the authentication of emails. It gives the ability to the domain owners to protect their domains from illegal or unauthorized use. So, the same of the salient features of the DMARC are listed below:-


  • Security: DMRAC disallows unauthorized persons to use your email domain to protect it from phishing, fraud, and spam.
  • Visibility: It monitors who and what across the web is sending the email using your domain.
  • Identity: It makes the identification of your email simple and easy.
  • Protect brand reputation: Hackers usually seek to spoof domains and use malicious emails to destroy the brand reputation. DMARC protects the brand’s integrity by avoiding emails from fake domains.

Why to choose Infosec Venture?

At infosec Venture, we understand the importance of your email security. We have highly skilled and experienced engineers with outstanding technical knowledge which excel in the latest DMARC standards. Choosing us for the DMARC hosting will minimize the risk of CEO fraud, business email compromise, fighting to phish, and spoofing. In addition, it will also enhance your productivity and give your business a competitive edge.

You can turn to the Infosec ventures rather than collaboration with the different cybersecurity companies. Infosec Venture will assist you in simplifying cyber security by providing you with the most accurate approach for identifying the threats, deploying the exact technology, and ensuring operational readiness for business protection. 

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