Rules for Playing Teen Patti Online for Real Money

Rules for Playing Teen Patti Online for Real Money


Teen Patti is not only one of the most popular desi card games, but it is also one of the easiest card games you may ever come across. There are specific rules that you need to follow to play this game. The following is a brief guide written so that you can quickly become familiar with the game.

Sequence, Variations, and Rules of the Teen Patti Game


Playing Teen Patti online usually involves three to six players and a basic 52-card deck. Jokers, however, are not interested in this game. First and foremost, players should contribute to the boot. Players determine the boot amount, which serves as the minimal stake, and each player contributes to the pot. Once the pot has been filled, the game proceeds.

Teen Patti Sequence

Teen Patti online is elementary to learn. The rules of Teen Patti require that all bets must be equal, regardless of how similar it is to Poker. When a player places two coins and another player places four coins, the player who initially put two coins must add four coins to the first two rather than just two.

Variations of Teen Patti

Teen Patti is considered among the most popular online casino games for Indian gamblers. The game consists of several exciting variants, such as Lowest Card Joker, Joker, AK47, Muflis, Maatha, 10X Boot, etc. Teen Patti’s varied modes of play are highly engaging, exciting, exhilarating, and highly addictive, all at the same time.

Teen Patti Rules

Teen Patti’s online rules are straightforward and understandable. Ace is the highest ranking, while 2 is the lowest. You must hold a three-card combination that is the highest and raise your stake before the game ceases. Remember to take note of the different ranking positions before engaging in a round of Teen Patti. Similar to betting rules, you must first understand the hand rankings.

Teen Patti: Getting Started

Each player is dealt three cards from the deck after the cards have been shuffled. In this situation, the dealt cards are face down, so the player doesn’t know the cards they hold until the cards are turned over to reveal them. This allows players to flip the cards over, examine them, and play accordingly. Despite this, players are not required to turn their cards over and check them. Players have the option of playing blind as well.

Overview of Different Moves in Teen Patti

Below are the various moves involved in playing Teen Patti online casino games?

  • Blind Play: The term blind play refers to the fact that players will not check their cards before placing their bets. In some way, they are confident about the strength of the cards they have been dealt with. They place the bet without first looking at the cards.


  • Playing Seen: This is also referred to as Chaal. Upon checking his cards, the player has the choice to either bet based on the strength of his card combination or ‘Push’ (Fold), meaning to give up on the game.


  • Sideshow Move: It is also referred to as a back show. For the sideshow move to work, the player must see his cards and place a bet accordingly. One can request a sideshow from the last person who placed a wager. A player can accept or reject sideshow requests from other players.


  • Tie: After the last two players have left the table, a tie will be declared if they fail to show or pack. If both players share the pot, the proceeds will be split equally between the two players or returned to them.


  • Show: if two players remain and one requests that their opponent show, the following rules are applicable:

Teen Patti Hand Ranking

  • Trio or Trail: A sequence of three cards of the same rank. For instance, the Triple 7.
  • Straight Run: A sequence of three cards of the same suit. For example, 5, 6, and 7 of Diamonds.
  • Normal Run: This is a sequence of three cards of different suits in consecutive order. Examples would be The Ace of Spades, the Jack of Clubs, and the Queen of Diamonds.
  • Flush: A sequence of three cards of the same suit and color. They are not consecutively ordered. An example would be 3, K, 10 of Spades.
  • Pair: When two of the three cards dealt are of the same rank, the sequence is considered a pair. The sequence would consist of A, A, and K.
  • High Card: Three cards with a high ranking, but distinct in color, suit, and sequence. For example, A, K, and J.

In conclusion

One of two scenarios must occur to end the Teen Patti online game: All players except one quit. The last man remaining will be the winner. If two players remain at the end, one will have to pay for the Show action. As a result of this move, both players’ card sequences will be presented to the players for comparison to decide which combination wins.

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